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New release: Remarky, Aviation, K-Pax

New cool portion of Russian Indi-music are posted on netalable.com
There are three new BANDS we want to present.

Influences are soft rock-wave and post-grunge tendencies. This band was formed about 2000 yr. near Moscow city. Guys produce their first album called *Chips of eternity* in 2007.

We're present one of the  best song  from this album. This one called Ad libitum.  The song was recorded collaborate with Klushnikov A, one of the best russian sound producer. The album is mastered on Mosfilm sound recording studio by A. Ovchinnikov.
Music is strong, positive, and sunny.

Aviation. Infulences are Nirvana Agata Kristi, Bjork, DM etc. Band was found by school friends about 5 yrs ago in Moscow. This track is most famous song. It was sounded on *Nashe radio* in the *Hudsovet* programm in 2008 yr.
Music is little scary, dark and depressive and sound very deep romantic.

K-Pax. Infulences are Deftones, Nirvana, 7rasa, Mogwai,Team Ocean,Dredg,Staind,Muse.
The band is founded at spring 2001 in Moscow by two students of  *Communication lines university* .
The band is popular in the Moscow underground club stage.
Heavy, hysterical, desperate and sincere song.

Take a pleasure!!