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Best hit song 2008 in Russia - VDOZHD' added

Vdozhd' for Russian it's mean InRain. This band was formed in Samara in 2005. Gays page http://www.myspace.com/vdozhd/

We're present song called "Upset so bad". And maybe it sound very slick and  pop, but it is really hit song!

Own style musicians call "hard disco".

Band has very strong nice female vokal and beauty human faces :))). Very ear's candy sound and etc.. So, come on!
Infulences: Vdojd, Radiohead, Dolphin, Guana Apes.



Hi, now i try to help Vdojd to come in Spb & Moscow, if you can help to help them- i will be happy:) Thanks for listening good music:)
mike rudine
Hi, Mike!
Sorry but now we can help to band only promote their music on the web site. To help Vdozhd and other russian musicians we can invite you and other for collaboration.
Thanks for your care!


We are always ready to collaboration:) . If we can help you - write to my space.
Thanks again:)))